How it works

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​​Kinesiology can help with a wide range of problems and is often very beneficial to those suffering from chronic conditions and in addressing stress surrounding long-term problems.  

When your mind and body work the way they are supposed to, the way nature intended, you can live your life in a balanced, healthy, happy and fulfilled way. We simply want to help you live this way. We use Kinesiology to show where stresses or blockages lie and pin-point underlying issues, so that we can work together to release them in a gentle way and achieve a better way of living . 

Out of balance?

Kinesiology combines a detailed understanding of Anatomy and Physiology with Eastern energy practices. It focuses on the causes behind symptoms, with an understanding that these causes may be physical, emotional/psychological or energetic .... or a combination! Muscle monitoring shows where stresses or blockages lie because 'stress' has an effect on the neural pathways between the brain and the body. This effects how a muscle functions.

These blocks can hinder your health and performance in many ways and may be obvious (e.g. headaches) or hidden (e.g. on a cellular level, within the brain's neural pathways, within the subconscious, hormonal etc). 

Past stressful situations  may even 'lock' stress into your body, like a cellular memory, so that whenever there is a similar trigger your body subconsciously responds to a perceived stress. This could put you into fight/flight mode, release adrenalin, speed up your heart rate, all for no apparent reason. This  can greatly effect your health  as you move through life.  Behaivoural patterns, perhaps developed as a child or over time, could be causing a stress and may no longer support you. These are difficult to release as they exist in the subconscious part of the brain. Bringing these things out and applying correction techniques can be very useful in restoring balance to your life and body.


Helping you to heal so that you can live your life healthier and happier. 

Kinesiology  has great results working with emotional issues. It helps you achieve a better life balance, work towards  your goals or have a greater sense of well being.  It helps you live the best life you can