Helping you to heal so that you can live your life healthier and happier. 

Tina Russell

Kate Baldwin

Tina Russell was born in Australia, holds a Bachelor of Business (UTS) degree and is a CPA with over 10 years professional experience.  Tina moved to Asia in 2006 with her husband and daughter, and subsequently decided to pursue her interest in holistic medicine.  She is now a certified Neuroenergetic Kinesiologist (NK Institute, Australia) practicing in Hong Kong, with experience in other energetic healing fields such as Reiki, Yuen Method and Acupressure. 

Kate is committed to helping  you achieve a balanced, heathy and happy life and will work with you towards optimum health.  Her work with energy healing and  kinesiology spans many years though she now uses mainly the Neuroenergetic branch of Kinesiology due to the results she has observed with this system, its clear structure and the combination of a Western understanding of Anatomy and Physiology and Eastern energy medicine (such as TCM).

Kate holds a Certificate IV in Neuroenergetic Kinesiology (accredited by the Australian government) and additional advanced certificates in hormone balancing, pathology and physiology, acupressure, nutrition, the brain and neuro-emotional programming, energy systems of the body and needless acupuncture. Kate has experience with various types of massage, reflexology and Cranial Release Therapy and holds UK qualifications (CIBTAC, ITEC) in Holistic Massage and Anatomy & Physiology. She comes from a family of Reiki practitioners and has practiced Reiki since her late teens. Kate moved from a career in business to complementary health therapies after she used kinesiology to successfully address and manage a host of  'incurable' conditions of her own! She struggled with IBS, migraines, psoriasis, hyperthyroidism and depression - and turned things around using kinesiology, mediation and a healthy lifestyle.  She was so impressed with the results that she decided becoming a kinesiologist and helping others was the only thing to do! Kate is a mother of two, lives in Sai Kung and has  studied Vipassana meditation and mindfulness. She has developed and co-teaches Inner Rainbow Mindfulness for all Ages programmes and the online family mindfulness course.