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There are many different treatments that are classed as 'Kinesiology' and  the level of practitioner training in this industry does vary. Please be aware that different modalities will vary in their application and effect.  We use Neuroenergetic Kinesiology. 

Sessions can take place in Central at IntegrateHK, in Sai Kung town or in the comfort of your home. Your initial session begins with a discussion and consultation to ascertain what we will work on - perhaps a specific problem or condition or perhaps your general well-being, stress and energy levels. We will look at any background, any test results and consider the priorities.  You will fill in a brief case history form. As kinesiology takes a holistic approach we will look at all areas of your health, life and well being when approaching a particular problem. The physical, the emotional and the energetic can all play a part in the underlying cause of a problem. 

During a kinesiology session you will lie on a massage table, fully clothed and we will test the response of your muscles to receive feedback from the body about what is causing it stress. Stresses could be obvious to you, for example a pain in the lower back, or they may be on a cellular level or within the subconscious. The changes in your muscle responses pin-point these stresses and provide opportunities to remove stress and allow the body to rebalance.  The muscle changes give the kinesiologist information as to which 'pathway' or procedure to follow within your session and what kind of treatment plan will work for you. 

Correction techniques include acupressure,  emotional stress release, stimulation of neuro emotional, neuro vascular or neuro lymphatic  points, muscle reflex points and manual muscle movement, light, sound vibration, working with TCM meridians or chakra system balancing amongst others! The kinesiologist does not decide what to use, your muscle response will indicate what is needed. 

Everything is of course strictly confidential, you are in charge of your session and can stop it at any time. Reactions after a kinesiology session will vary from person to person and be different for different issues. They could include feeling more energized, an improvement of symptoms, a short-term headache, short-term tiredness or recovery. The kinesiologist will follow-up with you and seek feedback or offer advice on managing reactions. 


  • First visit: $600 in SK/CWB
  • Sai Kung area: $700 -$800
  • Central: $1000
  • Payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer
  • Home visits:  Surcharges may apply based on location
  • Packages available

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